In a shocking story, an 11 year old Boy stole his parents car, drove 200 miles to meet at a stranger, somone he met on Snapchat, then got lost. According to reports he drove from Charleston, SC to Simpsonville. On the way his Insignia Tablet GPS lost connection, and the messages with the address was deleted from Snapchat.

After his GPS lost connection, the police reports says he pulled to parked Cop car, and told the office that “he was lost” and had just driven 3 hours from Charleston to Simpsonville. Luckily the Police was able to get in contact with his father, who was getting ready to report his son missing. 3 hours later, the 11-year old, was reunited safely with his family. Luckily this was an episode of “The Dangers of Social Media” that ended well. It’s safe to say his dad will probably make an eternal no Snapchat rule.

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