1994 Episode of The Simpsons Predicts Coronavirus Outbreak.

An Episode of The Simpsons predicted the Corona virus in 1993. In the Episode titled “Marge In Chains” from Season 4 Episode 21, people are infected with a virus called “Corona Virus” including Homer Simpson. The virus came from cats on the episode, similar to how it is found in animals during the current outbreak.

Simpsons are famous for predicting many events years before they actually happen. They have predicted the legalization of Marijuana in Canada, Toys R’ Us closing, and even Donald Trump becoming president, among other things.

This would be the first time they predicted a virus outbreak. Most people thought the predictions from The Simpsons couldn’t get anymore accurate, but this time they literally even predicted the named of the virus correctly, “Coronavirus” also known as COVID-19.

It’s still not clear what the mechanisms is behind the Simpsons show predictions, but it has to be more than just coincidence. They are way too accurate with the visual imagery, to not be able to see into the future in some way.

It might be time for scientists and researchers to go back and watch every episode of The Simpsons to see what other events could possibly be predictions of our future.

Author: JordanThrilla

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