2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo Looks Like the Coronavirus Cell and Fits Together With It Like Puzzle Pieces.

When you compare the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo to the COVID-19 cell, they look identical to each other. This has people wondering if there is conspiracy theory connection between Tokyo Olympics logo and the Coronavirus, given that the pandemic is happening in the same year.

It may sound crazy, but when you see the Tokyo Olympics logo side by side with the COVID-19 cell, you will see the striking resemblance.

In the comparison photo, the Coronavirus has the same jagged circular shape of the Tokyo Olmypics Logo. It also looks like you could fit the COVID-19 cell right into the center of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo like a puzzle piece.

This could very well be a strong coincidence, but given the mystery of the coronavirus, anything is possible. Does this mean the virus really originated in Japan? Does this mean the people who designed the logo where aware of it’s existence and knew a coronavirus outbreak would happen in 2020? How is it possible the Olympics logo in the same year of the virus has such a strong resemblance?

So many questions can possibly arise from this discovery we made.

We think it’s clear to see the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Logo looks like the Coronavirus Cell, and also looks like it fits together like a lock and key. You be the judge though.

Author: JordanThrilla

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