392 Year Old Greenland Shark Found Alive Swimming in the Arctic Ocean.

Greenland Sharks are known to live along time. In fact they don’t try to reproduce until halfway through their lifetime. However, 392 Year Old Greenland Shark found in the Arctic Ocean is pushing that age barrier to another level.

To figure out the age of the Greenland Shark scientists first took an eye tissue sample. They then used radiocarbon dating to measure the levels of carbon isotopes found in the eye of the shark. We really hope that doesn’t mean the shark was harmed to analyze it’s age.

After further testing on the eye tissue they came to conclusion the Greenland Shark had been living for about 392 years.

This Greenland Shark has been living since 1628. The United States didn’t exist when this shark was born. Cars weren’t invented yet either. The Emperor Ferdinand II had just demanded Austria Protestants to convert to Catholicism.

This 392 Year Old Greenland Shark is a literal living time capsule.

Author: JordanThrilla

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