50 Cent Disses Maino for Siding With Jim Jones on Instagram, Then Maino Responds to 50 Cent

50 Cent is angry with Maino for liking a post by Jim Jones about Melly On IG. 50 Cent dissed Maino for liking Jim Jones Instagram post by saying he looked out for him and helped him get a deal, but his character changed because of success in a lengthy rant.

Maino then responded saying that 50 cent is overthinking things, which could be him just trying to save face since 50 cent called him out.

The strange thing about Maino’s response is he didn’t explain is reasoning behind liking a post that was Jim Jones responding directly to 50 cent exposing him as a confidential informant snitch.

On the surface it look like Maino is agreeing with Jim Jones, and going against 50 cent. However, maybe people just are overthinking things like Maino said.

The 50 cent vs Jim Jones beef is well underway.

Author: JordanThrilla