Aaron Gordon released a Dwyane Wade diss tracked called “9 out of 10”; then Dwyane Wade responded to Aaron Gordon on Twitter with a diss of his own. In his response to Aaron Gordon Dwyane Wade said, “He should trademark 9/10 and make some money off it. That’s free advice that I won’t charge him for, since I costed him $1 Million”. Dwyane Wade also shouted out his “Dwade Cellars” wine that Aaron Gordon was drinking in the “9 Out of 10” diss track video.

Take a listen to the Aaron Gordon Dwyane Wade diss track.

It’s an unlikely beef, but it almost feels like Jay Z and Nas going at each other back in the day. In this situation Aaron Gordon is Nas, while Dwyane Wade is Jay Z.

The NBA season may not be back yet, but the drama is at an all time high with Aaron Gordon and Dwyane Wade dissing each other on tracks.

Author: JordanThrilla