Alex Rodriguez Wears Jennifer Lopez Dress While Belly Dancing In the Mirror Viral TikTok Video.

ARod wore J Lo’s dress in a video circulation social media, and it has people shocked. Jennifer Lopez was wearing Alex Rodriguez’s suit in the same video. It was supposed to represent role reversal of some kind, but some fans found it strange.

The video starts off normal, with ARod wearing his suit and JLo wearing her dress. About halfway through the screen flickers for second then they both are wearing different outfits. Alex Rodriguez wears Jennifer Lopez’s white dress while dancing, and she wears his suit while looking stoic.

It’s not clear how long it took Alex Rodriguez to get that dress on, but many speculate it likely took a very long time. You could see by the look on his face he was trying to make it through the video for Jennifer Lopez.

Some people think ARod is making a fashion statement with the dress, and trying to start a new trend. Just last week NBA players Kelly Oubre, Devin Booker, and PJ Tucker had a discussion about wearing women clothing during a TV Show. It’s possible ARod was inspired by them.

All in all, it is very odd to see Alex Rodriguez wearing a dress.

Author: JordanThrilla

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