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Anthony Davis SCHOOLS Jrue Holiday and Jahlil Okafor in front of NEW coach Frank Vogel ????

Well I’ll be darned. Did they really let this guy team up with the best player in the league Lebron James? That question is what I’ve been asking myself since the trade happened. Seeing video like this just brings back the goosebumps.

Anthony Davis’ only real major weaknesses have been his ball handling skills and avoiding injury. From the looks of this video, he has gotten more comfortable handling the ball in a straight up position, which gives him more freedom movement. With that extra freedom of movement he is able to switch hands a lot cleaner from going from left to right.

Basically, the simple fact is, Anthony Davis looks like he got even better. He is quite possibly the best teammate Lebron James has ever played on a team with. No disrespect to Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Mike Miller, JR Smith, and Dwyane Wade. Those guys were great teammates too.

Lebron James averaged 29 ppg 8 rpg 8 apg on 50% shooting last season, and he now has a guy in Anthony Davis that averaged 26 ppg 12 rpg 4 apg. PPG stands for points per game, RPG stands for Rebounds per game, and APG stands for assist per game, just in case you were wondering.

As Long as Lakers stay healthy and avoid injuries, this should a fun season for Lakers fans everywhere.

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