Anthony Davis Takes Nasty Fall and Possibly Breaks His Lower Back, has to be helped off court to Locker room. Anthony Davis tailbone injury.

Anthony Davis needs an MRI after taking a nasty fall today, and possibly injured his Spinal Cord. Given that AD landed tailbone first, there is a possibility AD broke his back. A serious Anthony Davis injury would be devastating. It looks like he could miss a significant amount of time.

Lakers were in the midst of a win streak, with their chemistry looking the best it had looked this season. Videos were being posted of Demarcus Cousins coming back to full health from his ACL injury. Lebron James had fully recovered from his groin issue.

Then this happens to Anthony Davis to derail everything again.

This is what makes winning a championship so sweet. The Lakers are going to have to now overcome adversity. Players who were just chilling, are going to have to step up.

If they can still manage to win a championship when it is all said and done, this moment will become one of their favorite.