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Anthony Joshua To Receive $85 Million Payday for Rematch with Andy Ruiz who will Receive $13 Million

Anthony Joshua To Receive $85 Million Dollars Payday instead of $20 Million Dollars for Rematch with Andy Ruiz, who will Receive $13 Million in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

December 8th is judgement day for Anthony Joshua, his last chance to prove he can beat Andy Ruiz and save his career. For this match, Anthony Joshua was reported to be getting $20 Million, but new reports are surfacing that say he will get $85 Million for the rematch.

Andy Ruiz is getting a massive check as well. He received around $7 Million in the first fight, but is reported to be getting $13 Million for the upcoming fight.

The massive paydays may be due to location of the event. Saudi Arabia reportedly is planning to use the event to showcase its city as the new tourist destination for world travelers. To make sure they secured the event, they reportedly offered promoters massive amounts of money to get the deal done.

Saudi Arabia is one of the richer countries so they have a lot dough to spend. Hopefully the match is as spectacular as those hefty paydays.

Here is a cool video of Anthony Joshua discussing the changes he made to prepare for his rematch with Ruiz.