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Antonio Brown AB sends message to Patriots on Twitter after being RELEASED for Sexual Assault Case

Antonio Brown AB sent a thank you message to the Patriots after they released & cut him due to ongoing sexual assault case. He said "Thank you for the opportunity @Patriots #GoWinIt". In another tweet he said "Thanks for Opportunity appreciate". He Seemed to be in great spirits about the situation with them. Him being released marks a sharp turn of events, on what looked like it was going to be a good season for him and the Patriots.

Just before his debut game with patriots where had almost 60 yards in receptions, in a win. It looked like the Patriots were ready to ignore everything and let the season play out. People were saying Patriots were a lock for the Super Bowl because of him. Some even said it was like the Warriors getting Kevin Durant, when Patriots got Antonio Brown. Now only about a week later, its all over.

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