Antonio Brown AB Threatens Stephen A Smith and Tells Him Pull Up in South Florida to Fight, ‘Quite Frankly’.

Antonio Brown has had enough of Stephen A Smith dissing him on live TV. In a new tweet, AB lets Stephen A Smith he want’s all the smoke. He dared Stephen A Smith to pull up in South Florida face to face to fight.

He says,

“I didn’t know words was a crime…we can exchange words…how about you come to South Florida and let’s speak “Quite Frankly”.

It was a direct invitation to Stephen A Smith to back up his talk and meet the person he talks so much trash about.

Will Stephen A Smith pull up in South Florida? Or will he keep thing moving in Cali? Only time will tell how this one plays out.

Lets see how long it takes a certain website to copy and paste this article????.

Author: JordanThrilla