Battle Rapper Cassidy Curses Out Fan Who Tried to Give Him Advice on Instagram Live

Battle Rapper Cassidy Goes Off and Curses Out Fan Who Tried to Give Him Advice on Instagram Live. Cassidy curses out fans on IG live.

Cassidy was having a peaceful Instagram live session, when a fan made the mistake of offering him some life advice. Cassidy got mad, and went on a rant telling his fans that they are dumb and should be listening to him.

Cassidy essentially told his fans they are not worthy of giving him advice, because they are the type to snitch be happy about it. In other words he is saying his fans don't have the integrity to be able to offer him sound advice.

Hearing what Cassidy said brought back memories of what Lebron said to fans after losing the 2011 NBA finals. The comments from Cassidy seemed a bit harsh and were condescending, it could leave some of his fans feeling alienated.

2019 was rough for Cassidy, he became of the punchline of meme jokes even at times where technically won his beefs or battles. It looks like 2020 may be more of the same. At least his fans now know he has very strict no advice from fans rule.



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