Adrien Broner Gets Violated by Gay Man During TSA Check at Airport in Viral Video and says Gay Men shouldn’t be working as TSA Agents.

Adrien Broner got violated by a Gay TSA agent, and now Broner is saying gay men shouldn’t be able work at TSA. In a candid Instagram Live video, Adrien Broner reveals the incident that allegedly took place between him and a gay TSA agent.

He starts the video off talking about his very short neck, then lets out sigh before mustering up the courage to let the world know he was violated by a gay man working at TSA.

Although some speculate that Adrien Broner is just pulling another social media stunt, the type of press he could receive around an incident like this as a boxer, could be career derailing. Given that fact, there is a high chance he might be telling the truth about being violated.

Whether he is telling the truth or not, he is sure to receive a lot of backlash around his comments. Adrien Broner saying “Gay men shouldn’t be able to work at TSA”, will likely be considering judging a whole group off a single incident. At a time when people seem to be extra sensitive because of social media, making generalizations like that can conjure up a major storm.

Adrien Broner getting violated by the gay TSA agent definitely warrants him being upset, if his claims where true. However, he definitely could of relayed the incident to the world in a different manner to avoid becoming a victim of his own words.

It will be interesting to see how the world reacts to this, given that the TSA agent and Adrien Broner are both in the wrong to certain people.

Author: JordanThrilla

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