Broom Challenge Goes Viral After NASA Says Your Broom Will Stand On Its Own Today Only and People try. People react to Broom Challenge results.

The broom challenge is viral on social media after NASA said your broom would balance on its own today only because of the Earth’s gravitational pull. The reactions when people found out it was real are priceless.

Naturally curious minds want to see if the claim was true and the Broom Challenge was born.

Yes the broom challenge is real, and your broom will balance on it’s own because of a slight change in the Earth’s gravitational pull. What is happening is the broom is really trying to fall one way, but the slight change gravity today is pulling it the other way. This causes the broom the balance upright in the middle like a ghost is holding it.

Science and nature is amazing, and this is another example why.

Author: JordanThrilla