Cardi B responded to Tekashi 69 6IX9INE snitching on her in Court Testimony saying she is part of Blood Gang, in cryptic Instagram IG Live Video. In response to the allegations, Cardi B seemed to be wanting to send message that Tekashi69 has nothing on her, even if he name dropped her trial. Cardi B seemed to be putting on a facade of false over confidence, in the response to Tekashi 69. You can kind of see the weariness in her confident look, due to the allegations from his testimony.

Some people might say, if she wasn’t worried she would of stayed silent on the matter. Some might say, this isn’t a reply to 6IX9INE, and rather just a coincidence in timing. Given Cardi B’s history of rap beefs, this was most likely her way of responding to Tekashi69 snitching on her in court.

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