Celine Dion begs and pleas to Drake to not get her face tattooed on himself and his body, in a rant during game of rapid fire, during an IHeart radio interview. “Please Don’t do that, You can write me love letters, you can sent autographs for my kids, you can come and visit, I can have you home for lunch or dinner, we can go for a drink, we can sing together, I can talk to your mother, whatever, just please don’t do that face thing” she says during the interview, She is added to the list of celebrity are seemingly “creeped out” by Drake trend of face tattoos. Drake has many musical and Hollywood legends tatted on him. Some names include Denzel Washington, Aliyah, TLC, Sade, Halle Berry, and others.

When Denzel Washington found out, about his face being on Drake, he reacted with shock. Halle Berry reacted with surprise as well. None seemed too comfortable with the idea. Rightfully so, you have to admit it would be weird to know your face is on someone you hardly even know????.

What remains to be seen is if Drake will grant her wishes. Drake loves the headlines. Imagine the headlines it would make, if he went and got Celine Dion face tattooed on himself anyway. This is something you would want to keep a close eye on, to see how it plays out.

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