Charlamagne The God Possibly Quitting Breakfast Club Show.

Charlamagne may be leaving Breakfast Club. On a recent episode of the hit radio show, Charlamagne The God talked about possibly planning to quit the show. Everyone always thought Charlamagne was at point where he was bigger than show, and he may feel that way too.

In the past Charlamagne actually alluded to quitting breakfast club. During another episode of the breakfast club a few weeks ago, he said his contract was up in December. Charlamagne The God has also talked about being mentally checked of the Breakfast Club show as well.

All things point to Charlamagne quitting Breakfast Club Show, but that is only speculation. Only time will tell what really happens. The entertain business is always unpredictable. If Charlamagne The God leaves Breakfast Club Show, it would shake up the Hip Hop radio waves.

Author: JordanThrilla

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