Charles Barkley says Kawhi Leonard “Stole the Ball and a Country” from Demar Derozan, completely disrespecting him with a mean joke.

Charles Barkley has zero chill, and Derozan was the latest victim. Charles Barkley says “stole the ball and a country from him”, while watching the highlights of Spurs loss to Clippers, during a highlight of Kawhi ripping the ball from Derozan, leaving Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson in shock, but also laughing.

Jokes like that cut deep when it comes to Derozan, because of the publicized depression and mental issues he was battling, after he felt Toronto betrayed him. Charles Barkley is famous for moments like these, and although it was a cold heart thing to say, it definitely had the world laughing at Demar Derozan. It definitely didn’t need to be said Live on air though.

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