Charles Barkley Teaches Zion Williamson How To Run and Walk on Inside the NBA.

Charles Barkley showed Zion Williamson how to run and walk on Inside the NBA, and instantly went viral. Pelicans announced yesterday they are trying to help Zion learn to walk and run in a different way to save his knees.

While the joke on Inside the NBA was hilarious this is a serious issue. Early this season we wrote an article based on information that an anonymous doctor provided, that detailed exactly what was wrong with Zion Williamson knee structure. A few days after we wrote that article, Pelicans announced Zion Williamson needed knee surgery. Then of course the last announcement was that they needed to help him change the way he runs and walks, due to his knee structure.

The jokes will continue to come at Zion Williamson’s expense and they are pretty funny, but deep down we all hope his knees don’t rob him of a successful NBA career.