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Chief Keef Arrested in Mexico In New Video and "Free Sosa" Goes Viral

Chief Keef Arrested in Mexico and "Free Sosa" Goes Viral.

Chief Keef was arrested in Mexico in a viral video, and fans everywhere started posting "Free Sosa" on social media. In the video Mexican Police can be seen handcuffing Chief Keef and taking him away. It's still not clear what was the reason behind his arrest in Mexico.

Chief Keef appears solemn and quiet in the video, almost as if he knew he was guilty of something. The Mexican police took him to their squad car in peace, with no sign of struggle from Chief Keef.

Up until now Chief Keef has largely been out of the news, and seemed to laying low and just enjoying his rap career. It seems random that all of sudden a video pops up of Chief Keef getting arrested in Mexico by police.

If he is truly innocent lets hope he beats this case.

Author: JordanThrilla

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