Clear Water in Venice, Italy Seen For the First Time because of Nationwide Coronavirus Quarantine.

We all know of Venice, the Italian town that seems to be always flooded. Usually the water there is murky, and can’t be seen through. However, crystal clear water in Venice was seen flowing for the first time due to a drastic decrease in pollution because of the Nationwide Coronavirus quarantine that was enacted in Italy. With considerably less people on the streets of Venice, the pollutants going into the water instantly stopped.

First take a look at how crystal clear Venice Water is now. You can actually see the bottom for the first time.

The picture below is water in Venice before Coronavirus lock down started.

Now take a look at how the water looked after vs before the coronavirus Quarantine went into action side by side. As you can see the water was a much murkier dirty dark blue before. You couldn’t see the bottom of water bodies floor at all before, only reflections due to how opaque the water is. It paints of picture of how bad pollution around the world really is, for bodies of water.

When people think about the coronavirus quarantine, they probably never thought it would lead to a natural cleanse of the water of a historic city. Residents and Tourists of Venice, Italy should challenge themselves to try and keep the water this clear at all times. That will realistically be tough to do, but it’s not impossible.

The coronavirus is making a lot of history that’s usually bad, but this is one time where the news is actually good.

Author: JordanThrilla

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