Colin Kaepernick responds to Jay Z trying to PROFIT off him with NFL "Inspire Change" apparel line

When Jay Z, NFL, and Roc Nation announced they releasing an apparel line called "Inspire Change", a lot of people got a bad feeling. Many people asked, how would an apparel line being sold for profit help Social Injustice? Many people knew that Jay Z was trying to profit off something that Colin Kaepernick started, while the NFL was possibly actively blackballing him. Many People called it capitalism at its finest.

If you thought Colin Kaepernick was going to sit back and be quiet about it, you were wrong. Colin Kaepernick may have responded to Jay Z with a cryptic powerful tweet. In the Tweet Colin Kaepernick quoted a paragraph from Robert L. Allen, Black Awakening in Capitalist America. In the tweet it talked about how capitalism does not help with social justice issues.

It's now clear that Colin Kaepernick also feels Jay Z is trying to do all this just for profit.



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