Everyone has played the game of hide and seek at some point in their lives. A group of nearly 2,000 people who started a Facebook group in order to organize the largest game of hide and seek ever at an Ikea furniture store in Braehead, Glasgow. They took hide seek to whole another level.

At the start of the amazing game of Hide of Seek, people showed up to the Ikea store in Glasgow, and rather than looking at furniture they immediately went and hid inside fridges, under beds, in large entertainment centers, in cupboards, and anything other hiding spot in the furniture they could find at the store.

Disgruntled store employees then phoned the police. Shortly later, 5 police allegedly showed up to restore order inside the store. Shortly after that, the most legendary game of hide and seek had come to an abrupt end. Ikea actually got lucky this time around, since the Facebook group actually amassed 10,000 people interested attending the game of hide of seek

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