Coronavirus Lockdown Causes Rise In Domestic Violence Cases.

Reported Domestic Violence cases have risen substantially since Coronavirus Quarantine rules started. In Paris, France for example, domestic violence has increased by 36% since coronavirus lockdown. Paris is supposed to be the city of love.

What could this be attributed to? Well it’s pretty simple, a lot of people who secretly don’t like their partners are forced to be around them all the time. Also, a lot of people who thought they liked their partner, are finding out they can’t stand being around them.

There’s an old saying that says “time apart is time together”. This alludes to the idea that time away from someone gives you a chance to miss, which makes you overlook things you don’t like when you’re together.

Since for some couples there is virtually no time apart during the coronaivirus lockdown, this could likely explain the sharp increase domestic violence.

All in all, it’s always important to remember violence is never the answer for any situation. Let’s hope no one was hurt during these coronavirus lockdown domestic violence cases.

Author: JordanThrilla

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