De’Aaron Fox Disses NBA 2k20.

Ever wondered why no one seems to stream NBA 2K anymore? De’Aaron Fox gave his opinion on why this seems to be a growing trend. In a viral twitter message De’ Aaron Fox said NBA 2k20 is a “trash” game, and nobody wants to stream it. Take a look at De’ Aaron Fox’s dissing NBA 2k.

De’Aaron Fox even added the shoulder shrug emoji, to let NBA 2K fans know he meant what he said.

NBA 2k20 has been criticized by almost every person who has played it. “Fire Ronnie 2k” went viral when the game was first released due to how bad it was.

De’Aaron Fox is just one of many athletes and gamers who share the same sentiment. Don’t surprised if De’Aaron Fox has a really low rating in NBA 2k21 though, 2K staff might hold a grudge against him for his comments.

Author: JordanThrilla