Did Chris Brown dap up a kid in crowd, just to get close to Rihanna for her attention again? It sure does look it. CB went to handshake the kid, that happened to be right where RiRi was sitting, in his peripheral vision. Rihanna didn’t seem to pay attention, likely because she was probably reminiscing about the dark parts of their history together. Chris Brown is a good basketball player, so you know he has good peripheral vision, and was side eyeing her the whole time. That’s probably why he isn’t actually looking at the kid, cause it would make it obvious he was staring at her.

This continues the recent trend of Chris Brown trying his best to rekindle that old flame. Just a few days ago, he left multiple extreme thirst comments under Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Instagram post. Will Chris Brown succeed on his quest to regain the affection of Rihanna? They did have a lot of good times together, despite how things ended. This could all just be a coincidence as well. This is one you are going to want to follow closely.

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