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Did Tekashi69 “6IX9INE”admit to domestic abuse of his Baby Mom Sara Molina in court agreement? ????

Tekashi69 “6IX9INE” reportedly admitted to domestic abuse violence of his Baby mother Sara Molina as part of a court cooperation agreement he made with government officials in his court case proceedings. Sara Molina rants on social media about the alleged abuse Tekashi69 put her through is well documented. The way she described the acts, was violent. Tekashi69’s court agreement allegedly has a list crimes he had to admit to, which includes various domestic abuse charges spanning back a few years.

Multiple news reports are saying Tekashi69 will testify this week. As we all know his Ex manager Kifano “Shottie” Jordan was recently sentenced to 15 years for multiple charges. Tekashi69 is expected to do less time than that, due to his special agreement with government court officials.

Before Tekashi69 was locked up, he was on pace to be one of the biggest rap superstars of all time. This made the alleged domestic abuse incident go viral, once his girlfriend Sara Molina went public with the accusations. 6IX9INE admitting guilt to the offenses in court, solidifies her claims.