DJ Drama Girlfriend @Debakii accuses him of BEATING & BITING her & she Uploads video Instagram of it

DJ Drama girlfriend @Debakii accuses him of beating, biting, and hitting her on vacation. She uploaded an Instagram IG video post of it to prove it. DJ Drama is in very hot Water. DJ Drama allegedly hit and bit his girlfriend while on vacation.In the video you could see numerous painful bite marks on her delicate hands. Question now is it real or fake?

People are going to want to know the whole story. What happened beforehand that would make DJ Drama go crazy like this? Was he actually acting in self defense? In the video it seems that he doesn't mind that he is being recording, which is very interesting. No matter how this story plays out, it is wrong to use any type of violence towards anyone. That never amounts to anything good happening for either party. Story is still developing.



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