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Does Eating Stir-Fried Stones Have Health Benefits? Details Behind China’s Newest Street Food Dish

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat rocks? Well, some people in China are doing just that, and they claim it’s delicious. Stir-fried stones, or suodiu in Chinese, is a traditional dish that dates back hundreds of years, when boatmen in Hubei province would run out of food and resort to sucking on heated river stones for minerals. Now, the dish is making a comeback, thanks to social media and adventurous eaters.

How Do People in China Make Stir-Fried Stones?

To make stir-fried rocks, first you need to find some small and smooth river rocks that are clean and fresh. Then, you heat them up in a wok with oil, garlic, chili, ginger, herbs and spices. Some chefs also add bacon, soybean paste or butter for extra flavor. The result is a sizzling plate of hot and fragrant stones that you can suck on and enjoy. The stones are said to have a fishy taste that varies depending on the water they come from. Some compare them to oysters, clams or shrimp.

While the meal sounds dangerous, and detrimental to your teeth, you don’t have to swallow or chew the stones. The name suodiu means “suck and discard”, so you just spit them out after tasting them. The dish is also known as “the world’s hardest dish”, because it’s literally hard to chew. Some people warn that it can be a choking hazard, so be careful when you try it. Others question the hygiene and nutrition of eating rocks, but fans of the dish say it’s harmless and fun.

A Cooked Bowl of Stir-Fried Rocks in China

Does Eating Stir-Fried Stones Provide Health Benefits?

While some cuisine experts suggest that stir-fried stones are simply a delicacy. other believe there is a deeper reason behind the unique dish. It’s alleged that some Chinese people believe that eating the fried stones can help detoxify the body, improve digestion, and prevent diseases. There is currently no known scientific evidence behind those claims.

These allegedly tasty stones can be found at some night markets or restaurants in China, or you can make them at home if you have access to river rocks. They allegedly cost about 16 yuan ($2.23) per bowl, which is a modest price overall. For many people it’s worth it to experience this unique and interesting dish that has a long history and culture behind it.

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