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DOJA CAT DISSES & makes FUN of Cardi B "Press" and isn't AFRAID she might get CANCELLED for it😂

Doja Cat is back and this time she is firing shots at Cardi B. In a VERY funny Instagram Live video Doja Cat clowns, disses, and makes fun of Cardi B "Press", and lets be honest she has a point. 😂

The fact Doja Cat, can make a video like this and she actually has a point shows how the overall quality of music coming from the HipHop and other music genres might be taking a massive dip. I think to some people when they listen to a song like "Press" it sounds good in the moment, then when you really think about you're like wow that's a really stupid song. That's the point Doja Cat was probably making in my opinion 😂

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