Doja Cat said she will show her boobs to fans if “Say So” hits #1 on the charts. In her message to fans, Doja Cat said “These boobs aren’t going to show themselves, Stream Say So”. It seems pretty simple, Doja Cat wants people to stream her song with Nicki Minaj so it hits #1, then she will have the courage to show fans her boobs.

Doja Cat’s boobs situation isn’t the first time we have seen an artist go all out for streams. Last year Justin Bieber was begging fans to stream “Yummy”, so Roddy Ricch wouldn’t pass him on the Spotify charts.

However, we have never seen it taken this far. Doja Cat offering to show her boobs if fans stream “Say So” to hit #1 might be the first time ever an artist literally put their chest on the line.

If “Say So” still doesn’t hit number 1, the jokes about Doja Cat’s boob offer will be endless.

Author: JordanThrilla