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Donald Trump calls his son Barron Trump, Melania's son ONLY in shocking video "She's got a son" 👀😂

Donald Trump said to wife Melania: “She’s got a son...that is a beautiful young man.” referring to HIS son too Barron concerns of Vaping disease. Does he not see him as his son as well? Is Barron really his son? His choice of words were very odd.

Did this give a peek into how life is for the Trump family behind closed doors? How much time does Donald Trump spend with his youngest son? 99% of parents would of said "we have a son" or "our son", not "She's got a son". Many of speculated that Melania Trump is not happy behind closed doors. We have seen videos where Trump tries to hold hands with her, and she brushes him off. Trumps choice of words today, makes you really wonder. Trump is an odd fellow, so maybe this was just an odd choice of words as usual.

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