Donald Trump to Become the Third President in US History to be Impeached, Nancy Pelosi Slams Her Gavel in Victory.

When Nancy Pelosi said “on this vote the yeas are 229, the nays are 198, present is 1” it spelled the end of Trumps presidency. Donald Trump will officially be impeached. He is being impeached for abuse of power.

In one the most drama filled presidencies ever, there were a lot of times that Donald Trump looked untouchable. Donald Trump probably never expected this day would come. His presidency will now go down as one of shame.

The worst part about it is, the wall he told his supporters he would build to get their vote, was never completed. On top of that most of the policies he pushed directly hurt the demographic of most of his supporters the most.

Years upon years from now, crazy stories of Trump’s reign as president will be told. Most of them will be comedic, downright ridiculous, and too crazy to believe. It all happened though.

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