Drake Dissed Pusha T in New Interview “Nobody Cares About This Guy.

During a new interview Drake disses Pusha T saying “Nobody Care About This Guy”, when discussing their beef. Drake is still in his feelings about Pusha T destroying him in their rap beef, and let the world know during this new interview. The remark happens at the 1:05 mark of the interview video.

During their beef Pusha T exposed that Drake had a secret love child with a former stripper named Sophie. Drake was hiding the kid from world, until Pusha T exposed him. After Drake never released a diss track, and instead J Prince had to come to his rescue calling a truce in the beef.

J Prince claims Drake had a career ending diss cooked up, but it was never released. A claim that makes no sense in anyway. All in all, the world now knows that Drake goes to sleep thinking about Pusha T every night.