Drakes dad released a rap music video for a song called “That On That” apparently going crazy . His dad who is almost 70, dons a classic durag, and raps about his many women, exciting late night outs, and having a hard time keeping the ladies away. Mid life crisis isn’t the term, this is a mid life disaster. I know I’m not the only one, who was afraid he was going to get hurt trying act young in the video ????

Pusha T is licking his chops right now, writing up a new Drake diss track after seeing this. Kanye West is going to wear a “That on That” shirt to Sunday Service after seeing this. Drake is probably asking his Dad, how much money it would take for him to stop making music.

All Jokes aside, the song isn’t that bad. Sure he is off beat hear and there, and lyrics are cringe worthy, but there is a certain melodic Renaissance. There is definitely a lot worse songs out right now. This could be a hit, Old people might be about to take over Hip Hop, thanks to Drake’s dad.