Drake just sent out another cryptic message to his father of a chain, nails, and leopard print cross on Instagram IG. It seems as significations of Drake nailing him to a cross to be crucified for his transgressions, metaphorically speaking. He exposed that Drake was lying about him in his raps about being a absentee father, just to sell records and Drake is not happy.

Drake had already denied the allegations in another Instagram post. In that post he said his dad is seeking attention and all his raps were real truth, and his dad just can’t handle truth. It honestly seemed more like damage control possibly though. The new cryptic message shows that Drake really feels his father crossed the line. Has the father son relationship between Drake and his Dad, been damaged for good? How can Drake recover after his own father spoke out against the credibility of his raps? Drake recovered after the Meek Mill ghostwriter exposure to a degree, so only time will tell what will happen this time around.