Eminem Responds To Nick Cannon on Twitter For Saying He Gave Another Man Head on recorded Tape “U mad bro, Stop Lying on my d***, I never had a chauffeur you bougie f*** clown emoji”.

Eminem has finally responded to Nick Cannon spreading a rumor that Eminem gave his chauffeur head on a recorded tape. Eminem kept his response short and sweet saying,

“U mad bro? Stop Lying on my d***, I never even had a chauffeur, you bougie f*** clown emoji”.

It’s clear Eminem doesn’t think much of Nick Cannon, and thinks he is very gossipy. If Nick Cannon really has a tape, it should be released shortly considering Eminem’s disrespectful response. If Nick Cannon can never back up his claims, Eminem may have ended this beef.

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