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ESPN Reporter causes SERIOUS Cheerleader fall accident on sideline while running for his life 👀

ESPN Reporter caused a serious Cheerleader accident fall on sideline while running for his life, trying to avoid a player on ground sliding towards him. He then took out a cheerleader that was being held up high by another cheerleader. After incident the Reporter nonchalantly picks up the football, not paying attention to the hurt cheerleader on the ground.

The whole situation seems wrong for many reason. First off, is it safe for cheerleaders to be held up like that, on a crowded sideline during a football game? Secondly did the reporter over exaggerate the incoming collision, then make things worst by dangerously taking out the cheerleader?

Removing cheerleaders from sports has been the topic of hot discussions. The NBA for example has already started to eliminate cheerleaders from NBA games. Will football be the next to do so? Dangerous situation like these definitely help the case

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