Fabolous and Casanova Punk out and almost fight Shiggy after they ask him to do the Choosy Challenge,and he says “I should Get a Check for This”.

Fabolous and Casanova checked Shiggy for talking out of pocket during an event. After they asked Shiggy to do Choosy Challenge, Shiggy said he would need money from them, and he wasn’t joking. He also told them,

“that’s the only way I eat”

Fab who is usually the jokey type, immediately look shocked. You could see the serious look in his eyes through his shades.

Casanova loudly lectured Shiggy in from of everybody explaining to him why he shouldn’t of said, what he said. At one point it look liked he was getting ready to throw hands with him.

All in all one thing is clear from the video, Shiggy might not have it all together from a business standpoint. It sounds like he is possibly getting desperate for cash. On the other hand, he definitely has a point that he should be getting a check for what he has been letting people do for free.

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