FBI Raids Jewish Man Home In Brooklyn New York For Hoarding N95 Face Masks For Coronavirus Protection.

FEDS raided a Jewish Guy’s home in Brooklyn NY for hoarding 5,000 boxes of N95 face masks. In the video FBI agents can be seen throwing box after box of the face masks, while walking in and out the Jewish man’s home.

There is currently no information on how FEDS found out about his excessive purchase of the face masks. In the video his neighbors could be seen recording intently with their cellphones as the FBI agents packed the N95 face masks into their truck.

FBI raiding the Jewish guy’s home for hoarding of these face masks, seems like a warning to other people that even if you purchased the items legally, they can likely still be taken. The man went to drastic measures to make sure he never ran out of face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, his brash the decision may have caused him more trouble than the virus itself.

Author: JordanThrilla