FEDS Arrest Charlotte Man Arlando Henderson Who Took $88K out a Wells Fargo Vault After he Flashes the Stolen Money on Facebook Live.

Arlando Henderson was arrested by Federal FBI Police after he stole $88,000 in deposits from a Wells Fargo vault; then flashed the money on Facebook Live. He used his job as vault manager to gain access, and hid the money by manipulating the books.

According to reports he started to steal deposits from the vault in June, and continued until around August. Reports say he would steal increments of up to $13,000 daily or weekly.

What brought his demise was boasting about his new flashy lifestyle on social media, Facebook in particular. After investigators started paying attention to a photo album he created on Facebook highlighting his lavish lifestyle, they started to build the case against him. The final incident came when they saw him flashing large amounts of money on Facebook Live. He was quickly arrested after.

It was another case of when keeping it social media goes wrong.

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