FBI and FEDS arrest Baltimore Rapper Davante Harrison aka “YGG Tay”, and Accuses Him of supplying Cocaine and Heroin, using his own “Errday” Music Video as evidence.

Federal Agents arrested YGG Tay at his Cockeysville apartment, accusing him of providing cocaine and heroin to customers, according to reports from multiple Baltimore news outlets.

According to reports when he was arrested they found around $10,000 in cash, and a semi automatic rifle. In his car they were able to find around 8 grams of an unspecified substance, and 3 grams of heroin.

They used his “Errday” music video as evidence to build the case against him leading to his arrest, according to reports. In this instance, you could say YGG Tay may have literally did himself in. Take a look at the video below.