First British Victim of Coronavirus Describes What It’s Like To Be Infected, Was he Telling Truth?

Connor Reed, the first man in the Britain to get coronavirus wrote a detail piece on what it it was like being infected. He was working in Wuhan for the past year, but is originally from Wales.

The British victim described coronavirus as a very strong flu. He recollected catching pneumonia, and feeling like he couldn’t even breathe. He said it was hard to walk, his vision was blurry, and he started to lose track of days. He mentioned thinking he was going to die.

His description went over the course of 72 days since first feeling signs of coronavirus infection. He claims he felt better after 24 days of battling what he described as a very strong flu.

Some people who read his story feel he might not of been telling the complete truth since he lived in Wuhan for so long. China has strong laws against releasing sensitive information, and if he was expecting to go back Wuhan that could definitely affect how he relayed actual events into writing.

All in all, the whole piece was very insightful. The British victims description of what the coronavirus infection is like let’s you know exactly what to expect.

Author: JordanThrilla

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