A fish that breathes air, and survives on land, has been discovered in Georgia. State officials want anyone who comes in contact with the northern snakehead fish to kill it dead immediately. The species has been deemed a non-native invasive species because it shortens the food supply of the native species. It is illegal to own one in Georgia now. Authorities have urged people that come in contact with one to take pictures, and note where they saw it. Officials also asked that people take pictures of the mouth, tail, and fin of the fish after killing it. It’s clear they are very very serious about eliminating all existence of the species.

The Northern Snakehead fish grows to around 3 feet. It’s a really long fish, almost like a snake. I don’t think there would be anything more creepy than seeing a fish looking snake moving around on land comfortably, so the urgency is even more understandable. Scary times in Georgia right now, with this fish reeking havoc.

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