Floyd Mayweather Gives Antonio Brown AB Tips On Not Paying Taxes on Instagram Live.

Floyd Mayweather is a genius at making money, so naturally he’s also a genius at doing, or maybe not doing taxes. In new viral video, Floyd Mayweather asked Antonio Brown to show him a law that says you have to pay taxes. It seemed Floyd was teaching AB, how to avoid paying taxes.

Floyd Mayweather’s sentiment was that people work hard for their money, then give it away for free when doing taxes. When you make as much as Floyd or AB, you end up giving up millions at tax time.

Floyd is technically right, their doesn’t seem to be a literal law that says you have to pay taxes. However, when the IRS comes looking after they find out you didn’t pay taxes, you’re probably going to end up paying anyway plus more.

Author: JordanThrilla

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