Footage of Iranian missile attack striking the Al-Assad Airbase in Iraq Leaks. Footage of Iran Missile Attack on US Troops has leaked. Video Footage of Iran starting World War 3 leaks.

Footage of the Iran missile attack on Asad Airbase has been released. The shocking video shows tense moments for soldiers on the Airbase.

Iran has begun attacking US Troops. Al-Manar News announced IRGC had launched dozens of surface to surface missiles at Asad Airbase, which houses US Army Forces. This video shows this moment.

Most people were hoping an praying this day wouldn’t come. It once seemed like Iran wouldn’t retaliate, and things would move on peacefully. It seems now we are in the midst of another unnecessary war.

The video just shows the type of horrors and tense situations soldiers from both sides will have to endure because of this war.

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