A Former GameFan Magazine editor allegedly described seeing a demo of an open-world PS5 game. The editor described the PS5 graphics as “the very best real time graphics I’ve ever seen”. He said it was first game ever that “looked like a real game you can play”. He went on to say, there was “no mistaking this for a current generation PC or Console”.

Here is a full quote from his post on Resetera, a website frequented by Game magazine editors:

“The demo I saw had the very best real time graphics I’ve ever seen. And what I mean by that is it looked like a real game you can play. Not some super polished UE4 or Unity technical demo that you would see at gdc. To me, there was no mistaking this for a current generation on PC or console. To be clear, in terms of scope, lighting and environment dynamics, RDR2 or TLOU2 aren’t even in the same time zone as this. and yeah, it kinda was like a Shadowfall moment to me in that it seemed totally different from what I’ve been used to in the previous generation. Now granted, Framerate was maybe 25 to 30-ish and it was early, early,early. But I actually said out loud WTF when I first saw it.”

For the hardcore gamer these statements are major. What he is describing is a jump in graphics similar to when Playstation 2 came out, after PS1. There hasn’t been a major jump in graphics like that in a long time, when comparing consoles to their immediate predecessors. What the former GameFan editor is saying, surrealistic life like graphics during real time game play has finally been achieved. You can tell he is telling the truth, because he was honest about the frame rate being average. If that doesn’t make you stoked for the PS5, I don’t know what will.

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