Fox Sports Leaks Video Footage Exposing Patriots For Cheating by Secretly Filming Bengals Team, then being confronted by Jay Glazier from Bengals security.

Patriots may have been caught cheating again. In a viral leaked video by Fox Sports, Patriots videographer was caught secretly filming the Bengals during a team practice. Jay Glazer of Bengals security confronts Pats film crew over the sideline recording. The Patriots videographer even lies and says,

“I don’t have a computer to like even put it anywhere”.

Just last week Patriots were exposed for sweeping visiting teams hotels for game plans.

Football fans everywhere are very angry, especially considering Deflate Gate wasn’t too long ago. When you compound this most recent incident, with the rumors of the sweeping teams hotel rooms, it makes you start to wondering how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Will the Patriots be punished for their cheating this time? Only time will tell. Story is still developing.

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