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Freekey Zekey Threatens to PUNCH 50 cent in the face during radio interview gets CUT out 👀

Freekey Zekey threatened to punch 50 cent in the face and break his jaw for talking about Jim Jones during a Breakfast Club Interview, but claims they cut his line out. On Twitter Freekey Zeeky says "They cut my line out about Punching 50 cent in the face". Is this the consequences Jim Jones was referring to?

The interview in question, was one where they asked Jim Jones how he feels about 50 cent clowning him on social media for being exposed as a snitch during the Tekashi 6IX9INE trial. Jim Jones was very emotional and angry, wouldn't speak on it, but did say there was "consequences" when people tarnish his name like that. It's clear a serious beef is brewing between Jim Jones and 50 cent, and Jim Jones has backup. Story is still developing.

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